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Viewing the Upgrading of Energy Industrial Structure of TN Power from the Tianjin Expo


The 20th North China International Bicycle and Electric Bicycle Exposition will be held at the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center from March 26 to 28, 2021. The new theme of this exposition is "New Era, New Pattern, New Integration, and New Trend". TN POWER appeared at this exposition with a brand new brand image and innovative products, which became the biggest highlight.

1. The new brand strategy of TN POWER Lithium Battery is released, redefining a new era of lithium battery safety. 

On March 25, Tianneng Battery Co., LTD. held a press conference in Tianjin. This conference can be described as a "singularity" in the history of the development of Tianneng's lithium battery. Under the support of the three major system strategies of products, services, and sales, TN POWER has a multi-dimensional and all-around view from small power lithium batteries, energy storage lithium batteries, and upstream and downstream links of lithium batteries. The new plan for lithium batteries is becoming clearer.


At the Yiwu Exposition last year, TN POWER officially released the brand concept of "Tianneng Lithium Battery, Mastering Safety Core Technology". At this conference, Tianneng Lithium Battery launched materials and batteries with the starting point of solving users' pain points and satisfying market demands. A brand-new product series with all-round upgrades of the four major systems of materials, cells, PACK and BMS: Heng Technology. The landing of the "Heng Technology" series of products indicates that Tianneng Lithium Battery is redefining a new era of lithium battery with safety as its core.


2. Many new products of TN POWER appeared at the Tianjin Exposition with innovative works showing the king's demeanor

On March 26, TN POWER brought a series of new products such as nano-carbon crystal batteries, hydrogen fuel cells and multi-functional mobile energy storage power supplies to the Tianjin Exposition and showed them one by one, aiming to present consumers with diversified and high-performance products through innovative works.

Among them, the nano-carbon crystal battery is the first in the industry, breaking consumers' perception of traditional lead-acid batteries, and meeting consumers' demand for "durable, high-quality and friendly to the people". The new materials of nano-carbon gold and lanthanum alloy grid and the cutting-edge technology of 720° three-dimensional mixing paste remove the technical disadvantages of the lead battery, and significantly improve the properties of the battery in terms of life cycle total capacity, battery power performance, cycle life, capacity at a low temperature of -18℃ and the charging speed. The cost of use has also been greatly reduced, and the user experience has been comprehensively improved.


In terms of smart energy, TN POWER has deployed new energy products in multiple directions and achieved remarkable results. Among them, the multifunctional mobile energy storage power supply product is designed according to ergonomic principles, and there is no friction in the palm when it is hand-held, and it is easy to carry; The use of flame-retardant aluminum alloy outer material makes the product safer, lighter, and adaptable to various life and production scenarios that urgently need electricity. Once it was unveiled, it attracted a large number of audiences to stop, and its unique appearance earned enough attention. However, the advantages of Tianneng Smart Energy are not limited to mobile energy storage power supplies, but also cover multiple smart energy solutions such as industrial and commercial energy storage, household energy storage, and lithium iron phosphate energy storage.

3. TN POWER and Yadea reached a strategic cooperation to jointly commit to the development of hydrogen fuel cells

In addition, TN POWER has also taken a key step in hydrogen fuel cells. TN POWER develops hydrogen fuel energy based on the needs of different scenes, trying to break the current industry dilemma, and is committed to building a clean energy ecosystem that integrates R&D, intelligent manufacturing and market development.


The hydrogen fuel cell released this time can be applied to a variety of scenarios such as electric vehicles and electric motorcycles. Its super power, high cycle life, and zero pollution performance are well received. In order to further promote the industrialization of hydrogen energy and fuel cells, TN POWER has also conducted in-depth exploration and cooperation around the "upstream and downstream industrial chain". We have successively formed strategic cooperation with more than 20 upstream and downstream enterprises in the hydrogen battery industry chain to enhance its core competitiveness. At the same time, we strive to become bigger and stronger. What's more gratifying is that TN POWER reached a strategic cooperation with Yadea at the press conference.


At this Tianjin Exposition, TN POWER fully demonstrated the spirit of ingenuity and sincerity of products. As an enterprise with new energy, green and intelligent manufacturing as the main body, in order to better integrate new energy into the better life of thousands of households, TN POWER strives to build a "digital new energy infrastructure" platform. From product development to scenario applications, from production, and from the production end to the sales end, we will create a “panoramic” ecological chain of the industry and consolidate the cornerstone of new energy intelligent innovation. TN POWER has always maintained the spirit of innovation, empowered the industry with its platform, continuously tapped the potential of lead-acid batteries, and deployed in hydrogen fuel cells, smart energy, lithium batteries and other fields in an all-round way to add innovation power to the industry.

In the future, TN POWER will also continue to provide consumers with diversified and high-performance products through a series of innovations, so that innovative development and intelligent upgrading will drive the industry forward steadily, laying a solid foundation for the full opening of the new travel era.

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