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Tianneng's 6.18 Online Conference, Witnessed by over a Million Users


        On June 18th, Tianneng's "Infinite Power To Future" 6.18 online press conference was successfully held, which explained the company's "Tianneng Plan" for participating in the reconstruction of the global energy governance system, helping global carbon neutrality and China's ecological civilization construction. And it officially released the new super graphene battery: third-generation long-running king and third-generation longevity king equipped with the second-generation Paoda durable core technology system. Over one million users around the world watched the live broadcast, witnessing this important moment online.

        At the meeting, Tianneng shared core views on "promoting sustainable development of the industry" with partners such as Aima, Yadi, Tailing, Xinri, Luyuan, Xiaodao, Jinjian, ZUBOO, Oupai, etc. In the future, we will work together to build a "community of industry value".

Opportunities outweigh challenges 
The future of the new energy industry can be expected

        At the press conference, Yang Jianfen, general manager of Tianneng Battery Co., LTD., gave a keynote speech titled "Global Opportunities for China's New Energy Industry".

        She said that the era of global energy transformation is irreversible, and a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is booming around the world. Emerging energy technologies, such as new energy, advanced nuclear energy, new energy storage and hydrogen energy, are accelerating at an unprecedented speed and have become the core driving force of global energy transformation and reform.

        Against this background, China has put forward the vision of "developing green new energy and building a beautiful new world", and launched a series of favourable policies for the industry. At present, China's new energy development is not only at the forefront of the world, but also has a huge market space with an annual growth of several trillions, which has brought unprecedented opportunities for the development of global new energy companies and technological progress. In the process of moving forward, China will share opportunities and prosperity with the world.

        Yang Jianfen pointed out that as an important carrier of energy and a core component of the new energy industry chain, batteries play an extremely important role in the development of new energy and the rise of new business formats. Tianneng is determined to become the world's leading green energy solution provider and is committed to providing excellent new energy battery products and system solutions to countries around the world.

        In recent years, Tianneng has continued to solidify the plumbic acid market, strengthen the lithium battery growth market, innovate emerging industries such as hydrogen energy and energy storage, and form a new energy industry cluster that "focuses on the main business and moderate diversification". The business scenario layout covers new energy-related fields such as electric two-wheelers and new energy vehicles, energy storage systems on the grid side, power generation side and user side, and resource green cycle.

       It is the general trend that the world is moving toward carbon neutrality, and the development of new energy is standing at the juncture of the era of unprecedented changes in a century. Tianneng will, by adhering to the three-prong drive development of "industry + technology + capital", increase investment in science and technology, and cultivate new momentum for development; focus on the integration of industrial chain, supply chain and value chain, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, and enhance corporate competitiveness; adhere to the "digitalization, platformization, and globalization" strategy, accelerate the creation of the world's leading clean energy multi-scenario full-cycle application solutions and development platform and accelerate its progress to the world's top 500 companies.

Gathering together in the new era to win the future

Tianneng sounded the rallying call of industrial ecology

        The new era brings new opportunities. China's new energy industry has entered a period of rapid expansion and development. The new energy electric vehicles running all over the streets, the towering wind power stations in the mountains, the photovoltaic panels in the desert, and the strong attention of the capital market have vividly demonstrated and confirmed the strong momentum of the rise of the new energy industry.

        With the continuous advancement of the "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" goal, low-carbon and convenient travel methods are becoming more and more popular, and electric vehicle companies, including two-wheeled electric vehicle companies, have ushered in a new round of rapid development. As a leader in new energy batteries, Tianneng actively grasps the pulse of the times and explores new paths for win-win results. On the new journey of pursuing the goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality", Tianneng has accelerated its green and high-quality development.

        For decades, Tianneng has formed an unbreakable strategic partnership with major two-wheeled electric vehicle companies and has deeply practised the concept of win-win cooperation with thousands of win-win companies, forming the synergetic development with upstream and downstream companies and the majority of win-win companies, further promoting the prosperity and development of the entire industry ecology. Tianneng believes that entering a new era of energy, we should once again sound the rallying call of industrial ecology, gather the strength of all parties in the industry, and jointly drive the progress of the industry.

        Yu Guochao, deputy general manager of Tianneng Battery Co., LTD., said that under the epidemic, all industries are facing challenges. The aspirants are tenacious, and the strong can march against the current. Tianneng has bucked the trend, kept making progress and created a new development pattern by digging deep channels, improving quality, strengthening services, and strengthening cooperation. In the future, we will continue to work with partners to build an "industry value community" and make greater positive contributions to the development of a green and low-carbon economy and ecological civilization.

        The trend of the times for win-win cooperation is irresistible. From the co-branded high-speed rail trains running across the country to the linkage promotion of hundreds of thousands of terminal stores, from the ten thousand square activities to the quality witness competition around China, Tianeng and major two-wheel electric vehicle enterprises seize new opportunities with new strategies in the era after the new national standard and take the lead in opening a new era of industry marketing through the multi-dimensional cooperation of brand, product, technology and channel.

Master durable core technology

Tianneng Graphene Super New Product Launched Worldwide

        As a leading enterprise in the industry, Tianneng adheres to the development concept of "market-oriented, customer-centric", takes "solving the pain points of consumers in terms of electric vehicle batteries" as its mission, and pays attention to the continuous upgrading of users' riding experience.

        In 2014, Tianneng took the lead in the industry to develop and launch battery representatives with strong power and benchmarking quality: first-generation long-running king and first-generation longevity king. In 2016, the iterative upgrade was completed, and a second-generation battery that was more durable, more efficient, more cold-resistant, more stable and more beautiful was launched.

        At this conference, Tianneng officially released the third-generation long-running king and the third-generation longevity king. The 3.0 version of "Two Kings" is equipped with the second-generation Paoda durable core technology system and applies a new graphene technology. Therefore, in terms of power, cycle life, full charge endurance, low-temperature resistance and charging speed, new products have improved by leaps and bounds compared to second-generation batteries.

        In terms of service life, both new products use high-energy graphene anode material, which further alleviates the problem of battery vulcanization, and the overall service life is 25% higher than that of second-generation batteries.

        In terms of full charge endurance, the third-generation longevity king is equipped with Tuopu high-energy batteries, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of active materials, expand the battery to store electric energy, and increase the full charge endurance by more than 15% compared with the second-generation battery. The performance of the third-generation long-running king is even better in this regard. With the super-energy cathode technology, the battery capacity is greatly increased, and the full charge endurance is increased by 20% year-on-year. At the same time, the third generation of the long-running king also adopted Norway lignin low-temperature formula, which strengthens the battery discharge capacity under a low-temperature environment, and the full charge endurance in winter has increased by 10% compared with the same period last year.

        The iteration and innovation of technology create more possibilities, and ultimately it aims to meet the needs of consumers and provide them with the ultimate user experience. Whether it is the longevity king featuring "one and a half year warranty, durable and more cost-effective", or the long-running king featuring "riding all over the city with one charge", the third-generation products have been stronger, which are more in line with the original intention of Tianneng Lead Power, so that users around the world can enjoy the green and beautiful travel experience brought by technological upgrades.

        "Infinite Power To Future". Standing at the high point of the new energy development era in the 21st century, in the face of possible challenges in the future, Tianneng will not stop leading the industry forward.

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