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Tianneng Releases High-voltage and High-power Forklift Lithium Battery


      In the context of today's rapid development of the warehousing and logistics industry, lithium battery forklift trucks have become an important element connecting warehousing logistics and forklift performance. Tianneng continues to strengthen R&D and innovation in the field of industrial power batteries, leading the development of high-voltage forklift lithium battery into the high-power era.

1. Start a new journey of environmental protection and energy saving

      Tianneng has always been actively fulfilling the mission of helping the world to achieve "carbon peak and carbon neutrality". Lithium battery products have achieved high standards of zero pollution and zero emissions in the production and use process. Tianneng's high-voltage lithium battery for large-tonnage forklift trucks can effectively reduce the current of the forklift truck, slow down the frequency of power fluctuations, reduce energy loss, and efficiently output electric energy, saving more than 10% of the truck's energy and improving efficiency by more than 12%.

2. Implement the new concept of industry safety

      The working conditions of forklift equipment are complex, and ensuring the safety of high-voltage batteries is a technical threshold. The electrical components installed in Tianneng products all adopt pure electric vehicle-grade safety technology, which further improves the battery's dust-proof, waterproof and high-temperature resistance performance. At the same time, the electrical system is fully functional, with automotive-grade protection functions such as high-voltage interlocking, insulation detection, and potential equalization. The MSD maintenance switch can be installed to power off the equipment with one key, which can better ensure safety during the isolation and maintenance, and comprehensively protect the safety of users.

3. Create a new engine for efficient operation

       In the field of material handling, handling speed is closely related to industrial efficiency. Tianneng high-voltage lithium batteries exclusively designed for large-tonnage forklift trucks are equipped with 150V to 350V high-voltage platforms. Therefore, with the permanent magnet synchronous system of the whole truck, it can load more than 5 tons of materials and efficiently meet the large-scale operations in the warehousing link. At the same time, it provides 1C super fast charging technology, which takes only 1 hour to fully charge the truck, which can meet the needs of customers in more complex working conditions. Tianneng high-voltage forklift battery pack adopts automobile-grade national standard charging stand and charging protocol, and can share charging pile with electric vehicles, making charging more economical and convenient.

      Tianneng's high-voltage lithium battery for large-tonnage forklift trucks can continuously provide stable voltage, and does not affect work efficiency during discharge, prolong battery cycle life, and be safer and more environmentally friendly.

      In the future, Tianneng will continue to rely on the company's strong scientific and technological innovation team and industrial strength to provide users with more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly products with an advanced intelligent manufacturing platform, and continue to promote the electrification process in the field of construction machinery.

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