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Participate in the grand event together | Tianneng Was Invited to Participate in the Future Mobility Asia and Future Energy Asia (Thailand)


        From July 20th to 22nd, 2022, Future Mobility Asia will be held at the International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC) in Bangkok, Thailand, in conjunction with the fourth edition of Future Energy Asia 2022. Launched by the Ministry of Energy of Thailand and co-organized by the Electricity Corporation of Thailand and the National Petroleum Corporation of Thailand, Future Mobility Asia is a unique future mobility summit. Tianneng Battery, a large-scale and well-known battery china manufacturer of new energy solutions, was invited to participate in the event. Our booth number is ME23. From July 20th to 22nd, Tianneng will meet you at BITEC !


Booth No.: ME23

        At this exhibition, the Minister of Energy of Thailand and policy makers provided policy support. Also, it brings together OEM CEOs, industry chief technologists, innovators and leading R&D institutions from different companies in different countries. Future Mobility Asia 2022 will be held concurrently with Future Energy Asia 2022, Asia's leading annual energy transition exhibition summit. Future Mobility Asia offers a unique set of opportunities for Asia's clean mobility and energy transition, presenting a comprehensive showcase of technology and innovation for all future road mobility concepts and solutions. The event is a central meeting point for OEMs, mobile innovators, aftermarket suppliers and technology solution providers to meet, network and drive the transformation of mobility in Asia.


        The exhibition and summit will bring together energy ministers, policymakers, energy professionals (including NOCs and IOCS), power generation authorities, midstream gas and LNG players, EPCs and project advisors, and renewable energy developers. The conference will advance innovation and collaboration with the participation of key energy stakeholders, project developers, policymakers and ministers.


        Tianneng Battery Co., LTD. will participate in Future Energy Asia, directly participating in top networking events and multi-billion dollar project investments, booth number NHA3-02. Tianneng is a mobile battery manufacturer in china mainly engaged in lead acid battery and lithium ion battery for electric light vehicle power business, integrating the research and development of electric special vehicle motive power batteries, new energy storage batteries for vehicles, start-stop car batteries, energy storage batteries, 3C batteries, telecom battery backup systems, lithium-ion cells and other types of batteries. , production and sales as one of the leading power battery suppliers in China's battery industry. We hope to showcase the most advanced battery and energy storage technology to the global market through this grand exhibition, and share our vision and dream of creating a better life with green energy.


        As a well-known green global battery solutions provider, Tianneng is a global lithium ion battery and lead acid battery leader in the design, development and production of battery storage for renewables. We are committed to providing multiple renewable battery technologies and systematical storage battery solutions such as lead-lithium-hydrogen for clean energy vehicles and new technology fields of renewable energy storage. Speeding up on the new energy track, we will continue to protect natural resources and ecological environment by dedicating green energy, and actively respond to climate change. At the same time, implement sustainable product life cycle, promote the development of green, low-carbon and circular economy, and meet people's needs for a better life with cleaner and more efficient products.

        Our mission is "Dedicated to creating a better life with green energy", let's work together to contribute to the provision of green energy!

       Let's make the world a better place together! On July 20, 2022, Tianneng will meet you at BITEC.

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