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Tianneng Industrial Power Lithium Battery Boosts Low-Carbon and Sustainable Development of China's Logistics Industry


        Since the 21st century, the overall scale of China's logistics industry has expanded rapidly. In order to meet the needs of enterprises for efficient, environmentally friendly and clean warehousing and logistics, a green logistics system has emerged as the times require.

        The "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Establishment and Improvement of a Green, Low-Carbon and Circular Development Economic System" points out that green and low-carbon transportation tools should be promoted to build green logistics. The electrification of warehousing and logistics equipment has become an important path for the logistics industry to achieve low-carbon transformation.

        Tianneng actively responds to the call of the policy, continuously increases the size of the warehousing and logistics field, accelerates the structural reform of green logistics with leading industrial power lithium battery products and solutions, and promotes the low-carbon and sustainable development of China's logistics industry.


In response to the demand for electrification upgrades of storage vehicles, Tianneng Industrial Power Lithium Battery has launched a variety of products suitable for specific models such as pallet trucks, stackers, and forward trucks, and provides customers with customized, safe, reliable, durable product solutions.



Tianneng industrial power lithium battery adopts 26700 lithium iron phosphate cylindrical battery, which has a long service life, strong cold resistance, high stability and high-quality performance, which fully meets the complex application scenarios of the warehousing and logistics industry. energy density and safety requirements. At the same time, Tianneng industrial power lithium battery greatly improves the charging efficiency, and 2 hours of fast charging can achieve 6 hours of long battery life, which is suitable for the needs of large-scale warehouse transportation and distribution operations in the logistics industry and creates a more secure, comfortable and efficient working environment for operators.



The green transformation of the logistics industry is in full swing, and relevant units such as zero-carbon logistics parks, electric logistics vehicles and trucks have successively launched carbon emission reduction path planning to strengthen the empowerment of technological means in the logistics process. With the continuous upgrading of technology and products, and the orderly layout of production capacity and production lines, Tianneng industrial lithium batteries are ushering in an important period of development opportunities, and cooperating with green logistics to improve the ecological environment and help the implementation of the two-carbon strategy.

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