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Transportation Battery Solutions

Provide green and reliable power supply for personal traveling, commercial logistic and public service.
Automobile Battery Solutions


Tianneng Battery provides both Starting, Lighting and Ignition (SLI) batteries and Start-stop batteries (EFB and AGM technology) comply with various international standards, including DIN, JIS, SCI, EN, GB, etc.
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Mobility and Leisure Battery Solutions

Mobility and Leisure

Tianneng Battery provide green motive battery solution for neighbourhood traveling through your electric vehicle, including applications like commuting, sightseeing, distribution, sanitation, etc.
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Material Handling and Logistics Battery Solutions

Material Handling and Logistics

Tianneng Battery started traction battery manufacturing early in 2008. The traction battery of which annual output can reach 1 million units comply with DIN and BS standards.
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Tianneng Battery Group
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