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Provide green and reliable power supply for personal traveling, commercial logistics and public service.

Tianneng Battery is dedicated to providing green energy to create a better life, therefore, our solutions are made to create a more sustainable future. After more than 34 years of expertise in the energy industry, Tianneng Battery now focuses on four major sectors of Transportation, Energy, Recycle and Platform Services, to provide not only batteries, but also spare parts, technology support and all kinds of services. For personnel customers, we secure the power and energy supply in your home, in your workplace, and in public area. For enterprises, Tianneng Battery handles every concern you have in the whole industrial process, from design, production, application, recycling, and regeneration. For the government, we take care of the environment in every step forward and contribute to society construction. The way we power, the future you need.

Transportation Battery Solutions


Provide green and reliable power supply for personal traveling, commercial logistics, and public service.
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Energy Storage Battery Solutions

Energy Storage

Realize available energy solutions wherever needed, from generation to transmission, and from distribution to utilization.
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What We have Achieved in Battery Recycle


Committed to creating sustainable recycling industrial solutions for limited resources and the development of the global green economy.
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