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Traction Battery

Traction Battery

Transfer your cargo safe and quick. We provide powerful and durable support for material handling equipment.

Types of Traction Batteries For Sale

Tianneng Traction Battery provides powerful lead-acid traction batteries for material handling equipment, like forklifts, riders, stacks, GSV, AGV, etc, to deliver every piece of your material quickly and safely in place. Compliant with DIN and BS standards, our traction batteries for sale are strong enough to start your handling vehicle and drive heavy-duty materials with stability. GEL technology employed in the production of our traction battery pack is also available for maintenance-free applications. The extreme temperature tolerance of the tractor battery can effectively adapt to the outdoor environment and provide continuous strong power for outdoor work. As one of the mature traction battery suppliers in China, Tianneng Group can provide you with different types of traction batteries for different vehicles with 1500 times of cycle life @80%DOD. 

Traction Battery Specification

Series NameProduct GradientRated Voltage/VNominal CapacityCapacity Range/AhDesign Life/25℃


PzV-Traction Battery GeL Type

premium2VC5110~36080%DOD 600~800 times


PzB-Traction Battery BS Series

standard2VC550~100080%DOD 1500 times


PzS-Traction Battery DIN Series

standard2VC5120~155080%DOD 1500 times

PZV/PBV Series-Traction Battery GeL Type

PZV/PBV Series-Traction Battery GeL Type

The PZV/PBV Series integrates patent nano gel electrolytes with national patent technology. The range boasts a very high deep cycling capability. This kind of traction battery for sale is highly suitable for outdoor traction applications.
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PZB/PZS Series-Traction Battery BS/DIN Series

PZB/PZS Series-Traction Battery BS/DIN Series

The PZB/PZS Series forklift battery is consistent with the requirements of BS/DIN standards. The cycle life of this kind of traction battery could reach 1500 cycles @80%DOD. The series boasts a high level of power and reliability for industrial traction application.
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What Is A Traction Battery?

Different from SLI batteries, traction lead-acid batteries, which are designed to supply power over sustained periods of time, are normally used as a DC power supply for forklifts, tractors, haulers, underground mining locomotives, and other equipment. You can find the application of lead-acid traction batteries in airports, stations, ports, vegetable and fruit markets, and warehouses of industrial and mining enterprises. With a high ampere-hour capacity, TN's traction battery for sale can be used as a clean and pollution-free vehicle DC power supply. Thus, it has also been widely used in public transportation, sports, and entertainment places.

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