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TNE Series

General Deep Cycle battery

Whenever you want to drive something around, put these small sealed lead-acid batteries on! With a number of national patent technologies and extended cycle life, the TNE series is highly suitable for deep cycle applications such as electrical bicycles/tricycles, Golf trolleys, and golf carts, EVs. As a professional lead-acid battery supplier in China, Tianneng Group can provide you with small deep cycle sealed lead acid batteries with different specifications. Our production line mainly includes 6-volt lead-acid batteries, 8V lead-acid battery, 12V 15ah lead-acid battery, 12V lead-acid battery, 12V 20ah lead-acid battery, 12V 25ah lead-acid battery,12 volt 28 ah sealed lead acid battery, etc.

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12v 25ah Lead Acid Battery
Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery 12V
6V Lead Acid Battery
Maintenance -free
Maintenance -free
Long Mileage
Long Mileage
Extended Cycle Life
Extended Cycle Life

Maintenance -free

  • 0% Acid Stratification

  • Nano Silicon Gel Electrolytes

The VRLA structure combined with nano-silica gel electrolyte ensures no worries on leakage and acid mist. This mini lead acid battery series is maintenance-free and free to use in any direction.

Maintenance -free

Long Mileage

  • ↑10% Energy Density

  • Patent Structure Design

With the patent structure and special active substance formula(99.994% lead), this type of motive power battery can effectively increase energy density, and ensure long-distance traveling.

Long Mileage

Extended Cycle Life

  • ↑50% Anti-corrosion

  • Patent Rare-earth Alloy

The patent rare earth alloy with high conductivity and strong corrosion resistance improves the dynamic performance of our TNE sealed lead acid battery deep cycle series and extends the cycle life.

Extended Cycle Life

Product Parameters of Small Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

Series name

Nominal Voltage

Nominal Capacity

Capacity Range

Service Life(25℃)





100%DOD 400~600




100%DOD 300~500

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TiannengTNE Series Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery
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