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Tian an Series Generator System

·It is more economical and uses methanol aqueous solution as fuel, which is cheaper than diesel gasoline.

·Temperature adaptation range is wide, the lowest up to minus 50℃

·Super quiet work, more environmental protection, no pollution emissions, low carbon emissions, simple and convenient maintenance

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Product Parameters of Tian an Series Generator System

PerformanceRated Power2-10kW(can be connected in parallel up to 50kW)
Rated Current48V DC
Voltage Range46~56V DC
Operating ConditionsOperating Temp-5~50℃ (conventional)
FuelT-Fuel TM methanol aqueous solution
PhysicalL*W*H / DimensionsCustomized
Weight~210kg (100L fuel tank)
~290kg (500L fuel tank)
ApplyAdvantageSafe and environmentally friendly Low operating costs Low maintenance cost
Application AreaCommunication base stations, off-grid backup power source

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