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TAA Series

AGM Start-Stop Battery

The TAA Series apply AGM technology to achieve maintenance-free and maximum vibration resistance, with flexible installation in position. This kind of SLI lead-acid battery is not only a stater battery, but it can also work as an on-board power supply battery as it holds a great braking energy recuperation design. Having stable performance in cycle endurance, charge acceptance, and instant starting power, TAA series can provide optimum solutions for luxury and premium vehicles.

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TAA Series-AGM Start-Stop Battery
Start-stop Design
Start-stop Design
Super Cycle Life
Super Cycle Life
Great Reliability
Great Reliability

Start-stop Design

>8% Fuel Consumption Reduction

AGM start-stop technology with special electrolyte formula increase the dynamic charge acceptance, which realize energy recovery system and fuel-saving requirements

Super Cycle Life

↑300% Cycle Life

Patent rare earth alloy contribute to great resistency on water loss and grid corrosion, which guarantee outstanding cycle performance at both 17.5%DOD and 50%DOD 

Great Reliability

Premium Starting Performance

Special pasting formula with high pressure framework ensure no risk on leakage and increase instant discharging ability for over 20%.

Product Parameters

Series nameNominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
Capacity Range
Service Life

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