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Overseas Business Department Held Kick-off Meeting


        Time flies by, half of 2022 has passed, and the overseas business department has entered a critical period, the third quarter. The performance sprint launch and "military order" signing meeting was held on the afternoon of August 12, in order to successfully complete the annual performance target of the overseas business department, fully implement the spirit of the chairman's speech at the group's semi-annual management meeting, and guided by the chairman's "nine insistences", continue to make changes and innovations, and practice the spirit of strugglers.


        The first agenda of the meeting is the introduction of the participants and matters of the meeting by the Administrative and Personnel Management Department. Yang Jun, vice president of the group and president of the business department, as well as heads and representatives of various departments and regions attended the meeting. The overseas business department attaches great importance to the third quarter, and it is imperative to achieve the annual performance target.



        Wei Shengnan, manager of the Operation Management Department, pointed out that although the current performance of the overseas business department has improved, there is still a big gap between the annual goals of the Overseas Business Department. Therefore, we must race against time, strive for every order, go all out to sprint the third quarter, strive to complete the annual performance, go all out to sprint the third quarter, make every effort to complete the annual performance target, and build the overseas business department into an excellent and combat team with the ability to undertake the group's overseas strategy.



        The third agenda: Bao Jun from the Administrative and Personnel Management Department introduced the incentive plan for the third quarter performance sprint. To fully mobilize employees' enthusiasm for work and tap their potential, the Overseas Business Department has specially formulated a sprint incentive plan to reward departments and employees who have performed outstandingly in the sprint stage in the third quarter. After the Administrative and Personnel Management Department gave a detailed explanation of the incentive plan, all departments and regions attached great importance to them and put forward their own understanding of the incentive plan according to the actual situation, eager to try.

        The meeting entered the fourth agenda: to increase the emphasis on the sprint in the third quarter, express firm determination to complete the annual performance target. The heads of the marketing area, the resource trade department and the delivery support department signed "military orders" with Yang Jun, vice president of the group and president of the business unit, on behalf of all members of their respective teams. If we don't achieve our goal, we will never give up, and we will dash ahead to what we yearn.



        Under the leadership of Yang Jun, vice president of the group and president of the business department, the heads of various departments and regions stood up one after another, raised their right fist, and made a solemn oath:

                                   Practice the spirit of struggle

                                   Improve ability, create value, be pragmatic and innovative, and create performance

                                   Fight for 50 days and serve every customer's needs well

                                   Fight for 50 days and win every potential order

                                   Fighting for 50 days, sprinting product delivery

                                   Fighting for 50 days to expand the overseas market structure of Tianneng

                                   We are the best, come on! 


        At the end of the meeting, Vice President Yang Jun gave work instructions for the sprint in the third quarter, pointing out that all departments and regions should win every order according to the current performance progress, seize the rhythm of the third quarter, and lay a solid foundation in the third quarter to gain experience and pave the way for the future.

        Yang also pointed out that the resources of the overseas business department should be taken full advantage of, but in addition to the front-line employees, the completion of each order is also inseparable from the support of the middle and back offices, not just one person, not just a team, behind everyone is the entire overseas business department.

        This time, it is through the sprint to test the results of all the previous work. We must use all our strength and go all out. Yang also hopes that the heads of all departments and regions will mobilize the team well, pass on confidence to everyone, and lead the overseas business department to sprint with 120% of their efforts with the desire to fight and the courage to fight. The third quarter is for fighting for the whole year!


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