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New Energy Buses Drive a New Round of Growth in Iron Lithium Cell Batteries


Compared with new energy passenger cars, which don't require a large amount of charge, buses have a greater demand for power lithium cell batteries. Under the support of local subsidies, it will be a trend that new energy buses will promote the development of the lithium cell battery market.

At present, the withdrawal of subsidy policies of new energy vehicle is a foregone conclusion. According to the 2019 subsidy policy on new energy vehicle, before June 25, the subsidy will be implemented at 0.6 times the corresponding standard in 2018; after June 25, the local subsidy will be completely cancelled.

Tianneng lithium cell battery

There are three obvious changes in the new subsidy policy

1. The local subsidy can continue to support new energy buses.

Beginning in 2019, local governments can continue to provide subsidies for the purchase of new energy buses when subsidies for local purchases are generally cancelled.

2. Subsidies for the construction of charging infrastructure and operation services.

The local purchase subsidy funds for new energy vehicles other than buses should be used to support the "short-board" construction of charging infrastructure and supporting operation services; local governments can take back the surplus funds of fuel subsidy arranged by the central government for 2019 and previous years and use it for the operation of new energy buses.

3. Promote the "replacing subsidies with rewards" approach.

Relevant departments will study and improve the subsidy policy for the operation of new energy buses. Starting in 2020, the method of "replacing subsidies with rewards" will be adopted to focus on supporting the operation of new energy buses with energy storage lithium cell battery. With the support of policies such as public transportation as the priority, in the future, there will be a huge market demand for public travel. Besides, new energy coaches, including buses may welcome a larger market.

Most of the new energy coaches are used in the bus field. New energy coaches occupy a pivotal position in new energy vehicles, and new energy buses account for more than 80% of new energy coaches.

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