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Hydrogen Energy Products

Independently develop mature hydrogen energy products, covering all application scenarios in the field of transportation.

Relying on the strong technical advantages of Tianneng Group, a number of mainstream automobile companies have reached a cooperative relationship and jointly launched a number of hydrogen fuel cell engine systems applied in various fields. It has a full set of hydrogen fuel cell stack, raw material test and testing equipment, and introduces leading talents and technologies of hydrogen fuel cell from Japan and the United States. it has broken through a number of key core materials and core technologies of the stack, and obtained more than 20 patents. Independently developed mature stack products to cover all application scenarios in the field of transportation, and has developed many domestic leading products in energy, aerospace and other fields.

Introduction of hydrogen energy products

Air-cooled Reactor

Small size, light weight

·Long duration, a variety of power can meet a variety of use scenarios

·The products are green and pollution-free

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Graphite Heap

·High stability, high performance, strong corrosion resistance

·Used in sightseeing trucks, forklifts, backup power sources, etc.

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High Power Metal Plate Reactor

·Good electrical and thermal conductivity

·The cost can be reduced when mass production is carried out

·The volume of the high power stack is much smaller than that of the graphite stack and has more advantages.

·The mainstream of the metal bipolar car stack is thinner, which makes the stack smaller and has high power density, which will become the mainstream of the vehicle stack.

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Fuel Cell System

·Excellent cold start performance, suitable for the harsh environments such as high cold

·Industry-leading durability reduces your cost of use

· High-security level

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Tian an Series Generator System

·It is more economical and uses methanol aqueous solution as fuel, which is cheaper than diesel gasoline.

·Temperature adaptation range is wide, the lowest up to minus 50℃

·Super quiet work, more environmental protection, no pollution emissions, low carbon emissions, simple and convenient maintenance

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Tiancong Series Fuel Cell

·The car has a long range and a long endurance

·Very light weight and easy to use

·Strong output power

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Liding Series Hydrogen Forklift Truck

·Hydrogenation takes 5 minutes and runs for 8 hours

·It is more environmentally friendly than traditional fuel truck

·It is more convenient to use than pure electric forklift

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Electrolytic Water Series

·Electrolytic stack

·Electrolytic cell

·Membrane electrode

·Hydrogen production equipment

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