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Heng Technology + Graphene! Tianneng another high-tech battery on the market


  Nowadays, a major pain point troubling the majority of consumers is that the battery is not durable and the service life is short, and most of this reason starts from the backwardness of a single battery because the battery pack is in the form of series connection, which only lags behind. the voltage of the electric vehicle drops rapidly after driving a certain distance, which leads to the decline of the performance of the whole battery and shortens the driving mileage.


  Heng Technology + Graphene.


  The super running graphene battery is more durable and guaranteed for 17 months.



  The high-quality performance advantage of Tianneng battery has long been known by the industry and users. The new Tianneng super-running graphene battery is another high-performance battery that integrates science and technology and graphene technology, which comprehensively solves the problem of battery imdurability and short life. it has the unique performance advantage of being durable and more durable.


  Tianneng super graphene battery is equipped with Heng technology, and its stability is improved by more than 70%.


  In order to solve the problem of battery lagging behind, Tianneng scientific research team worked hard day and night, finally overcame the technical difficulty of battery imbalance, and successfully developed the latest cutting-edge technology in the industry-Heng technology.


  Tianneng super-running graphene battery equipped with Heng technology effectively solves the problems of single battery lagging behind and capacity decay too fast comprehensively improves battery consistency, reduces failures, effectively ensures battery life, and improves overall performance by more than 70%.




  The graphene battery is made of graphene material, which increases the driving mileage by 20%.


  When the battery imbalance is comprehensively solved, the Tianneng super graphene battery also uses a high-energy graphene composite modified material, which greatly improves the cycle life, high-rate charge and discharge and low-temperature performance of the battery, and increases the driving mileage by 20%. Make the battery not only durable and more durable.


  At the same time, Tianneng's overrun graphene battery also adopts the world's leading intelligent four-step forging technology, making the battery plate stronger and more resistant to corrosion, greatly improving the battery life, 60 days more than ordinary batteries and 17 months warranty.


  From the latest evaluation data of Tianneng super running graphene battery and ordinary battery, it can be found that the voltage difference of super running, super warranty and super balanced super running graphene battery is 20% lower than that of ordinary battery; in terms of capacity difference, the deviation is 50% smaller than that of ordinary battery; in terms of cycle life, it is 66% higher than that of ordinary battery; in terms of the life cycle, it is 63% higher than that of an ordinary battery. To sum up, the comprehensive performance of the Tian Neng super-running graphene battery is better than that of an ordinary battery and takes the lead in all aspects of performance.


  High quality and high technology beat the whole industry.


  Tianneng helps dealers occupy the market and win at the same time.


  It is precise with world-class scientific and technological strength and technical heritage that Tianneng battery can make rapid progress in the field of new energy batteries and create more competitive products in the market with the high quality and high standards of the leading industry. The birth of the Tian Neng super graphene battery is undoubtedly a more competitive super product in the market, and it will also comprehensively enhance the operating capacity and profits of terminal merchants, help new and old customers across the country, and achieve synchronous win-win results.


  For the market, products are the core competitiveness. Tianneng battery defeats the whole industry with high-quality, high-standard and high-tech product features, and leads the same model products in the industry in an all-around way. At the same time, Tianneng battery also organizes sales trump card teams in many markets across the country to help dealers, expand terminal channels, improve the circulation efficiency of end-market products, and truly take customers as the centre.


  For industrial development, Tianneng battery takes the needs of users as the starting point, through continuous technological research and development and upgrading iterations, comprehensively expand the brand's leading advantage in the global new energy travel field, and demonstrate the "technical confidence" of Tianneng battery. worthy of the strength of the industry leader, it will also comprehensively promote the high-quality transformation and upgrading of the industry and contribute to Tianneng.


  It is worth mentioning that Tianneng overrun graphene battery has opened the order channel, let us look forward to the market performance of this high-end battery.

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