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Bipolar Lead Acid Battery-One of the most advanced battery techniques.
Bipolar Lead Acid Battery-One of the most advanced battery techniques.
Lightweight grids

Use lead-coated glass fiber to make lead wire and then weave the mesh to make the grid, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the positive grid.

Quasi-bipolar battery

Achieve a high-power discharge and fast charging with a more reliable connection in series between internal battery.

Structure of Internal Pressure Frame

The particular fastening technology of pressure frame significantly solve the problems of deformation and expansion and active material easily falling off.

Structure of Horizontal Plate

The structure of the horizontal plate solves the problem of electrolyte layering inside a lead-acid accumulator cell.

Particular Battery Shell Design

This design prevents the corrosion of terminals, helps to reliable connection and storage.

Complete sealing and efficient internal oxygen circulation

This solves the problem of high water loss rate of batteries.

Lithium battery research-Creative I-manufacture  Ecological Professional
Lithium battery research-Creative I-manufacture Ecological Professional
Materials of Battery
  • The lithium-ion battery cells for sale generally use lithium alloy oxide as the anode, graphite as the cathode, and non-aqueous electrolyte.

  • Cell is heart of a lithium battery. With higher energy density, our 18650 cells produced by our own factory can maintain stable battery power and output performance.

  • Multi-level safety alert;

  • Data record (optional): Use historical data to analyze the performance;

  • Smart learning increases the accuracy of SOC calculation;

  • Intelligent error correction makes products reliable;

  • Voltage measurement accuracy: 5mV. Temperature measurement accuracy: 1℃. Current measurement accuracy: 0.2%. SOC measurement accuracy: 5%.

  • The matrix bracket combination structure;

  • Independent BMS development builds a standard hardware system and a normalized assessment platform;

  • The voltage acquisition terminal of BMS uses discrete isolation devices;

  • Research and establish the thermodynamic model of the battery system;

  • Automatic optimization and matching of charge and discharge management strategies.

Fuel Battery Research-The 3G of Electricity Generation Technology
Fuel Battery Research-The 3G of Electricity Generation Technology
Methanol fuel battery
  • T-EYE round-the-clock monitoring system;

  • T-TRS switchable fuel battery module;

  • T-ReF 3.0 methanol-water reforming module > 95% methanol-water catalytic conversion efficiency, higher hydrogen purity and longer life.

Fuel battery engine
  • Great climbing performance;

  • Eco-friendly and only water is discharged;

  • Long mileage (≥ 200 km);

  • Fueling time is short (about 5 minutes);

  • Based on the research of hydrogen electricity safety technology, the safety is guaranteed.

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